Thursday, 12 June 2014

Golden salt for favorities

From "Shades of Infinity"

"Once I bought a pot of golden salt. And salted my salad with it. I expected it to sparkle, but instead... the vegetables turned dirty brown when it's melted in oil."

Planet Earth, February 17, 5457, Persep city.

- What? People alive for furniture? They dare? It's disgusting!
- But think, it's big money! Think well. They might never offer you such a contract again. Even if you turn it down - they might never offer you any at all in the future.
-No. That is beastly. It's like a cannibalism, like - eating flesh of a man! Yes, I've heard about that new restaurant already and their new "hot trend". But it is so abhorrently... that smell...that impurity and ugliness of shape...

Planet Earth, September 26, 5896, Persep city.

Rigid Space